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The dating scene has never been easy but dating over 50 seems to be even more daunting. Between the normal dating drama and the extra drama brought on by a life lived, the online dating over 50 scene can be hard to navigate. That was until launched its new dating service. The service promises to help singles not only find connections but to do so securely.

Founders of realized that senior singles were an underserved market and decided to make a change in how this group views dating. Senior find it’s hard to connect because of factors like health, family, career, and safety. Many older people believe that senior dating safely is simply not possible for new daters.
That is where Dating Over 50 comes in. The company is dedicated to helping singles over 50 find love through innovative technology and their team of experts. By utilizing the knowledge and drive of their staff, the team at has revolutionized dating for the “silver” crowd.

The over 50 dating service sees the several common complaints among the dating over 50 group. These include:

  • Lack of trust

  • Time restraints

  • Personal struggles (such as health and finances)

These struggles drive the company to not only match singles based on a specific set of criteria that allows them to connect easier, but they utilize technology to keep users’ information safe and secure online. “Dating over 50 should be safe. We care about your security and privacy very seriously. We do not disclose, sell or rent any personally identifiable information to any third-party organizations,” states a company representative. Singles can rest assured knowing that their information is safe and that they only need to provide the information that they feel comfortable divulging. The company prides itself on keeping seniors safe, including their personal information. All information is gathered and stored thru secure servers and employees are vetted to ensure the highest level of security.

The company has seen the impressive growth of their active members. This year, datingover50 announced that they have reached over 5 million members utilizing the service. Members are clearly taking advantage of the service to help them with their senior dating needs.

About is a dating service provider specializing in assisting singles 50 years and older return to the dating scene. The company uses innovative technology to match singles safely and securely online.

For more information on DatingOver50, please visit their website at

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